2009 NAB AFL Rising Star Competition

4 Aug


A quick & short post here regarding the NAB AFL Rising Star competition. I noticed Callan Ward was today nominated for round 18 which surprised me, not because I don’t think he’s a worthy nominee, rather I can’t believe he wasn’t nominated earlier in the season. I guess this highlights how many quality young players are currently running around in the AFL.

I know the season’s not over yet, but here’s my top 2 to 4 – everyone has accepted that Daniel Rich is a clear winner. What is your top 5? Who do you think deserves a nomination?

Daniel Rich (Round 1)
Dayne Beams (Round 17)
Jack Ziebell (Round 7)
Callan Ward (Round 18)
Patrick Dangerfield (Round 3)

Nominations so far
Round 1 – Daniel Rich
Round 2 – David Zaharakis
Round 3 – Patrick Dangerfield
Round 4 – Jaxson Barham
Round 5 – Garry Moss
Round 6 – Stephen Hill
Round 7 – Jack Ziebell
Round 8 – Jarryn Geary
Round 9 – Andy Otten
Round 10 – Taylor Walker
Round 11 – Brad Dick
Round 12 – Aaron Joseph
Round 13 – Tayte Pears
Round 14 – Jack Grimes
Round 15 – Liam Jurrah
Round 16 – Chris Masten
Round 17 – Dayne Beams
Round 18 – Callan Ward


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