My Bitch, I Mean Our Bitch

4 Aug

If you don’t know already, I’m a part owner of a greyhound that is currently doing the rounds, racing her little heart out against bigger and generally more experienced competitors in Western Australia. Our girl has already received her fair share of media coverage due to the fact that a number of the part owners are accomplished sportsmen. This media coverage also probably explains why she has had short odds from day one.

Our little bitch (I love being able to use that word, in context, guilt free) commonly bolts out of the box, leads for the better part of the race, only to get overtaken in the home straight. To add to this, she’s smaller than the majority of her competitors and commonly gets checked, easily pushed aside, and effectively taken out of the contest. Another excuse I can employ is our run of unfavourable box draws. She has managed to draw box 7 for probably 80% of her races. In greyhound racing you want to draw a lower number box, one closer to the rail. This gives the dishlicker a greater chance of having a cleaner run, a shorter path, and hopefully a placing or even better, a victory. All the stats show that the lower the box number, the more chance you have of winning.

This week we’re racing her at a slightly shorter track in Mandurah for the first time. It should suit her as it’s shorter by more than 100 metres. She’s drawn blooming box 5 this time, which is a slight improvement to box 7. Go girl go…don’t bet on her though, I’m trying to keep the odds down.


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