The Next Shout is Mine

2 Nov

For those of you who don’t know, a good mate and I have a side project titled ‘Tackle Nappy’ which we’re trying to get off the ground.  It’s basically a parenting website for blokes.  We’re a good combination as I have two gorgeous girls to write about, and he is expecting to become a dad in the near future (he’s also the better writer by a country mile, so I can’t lose).

In a strange way last night the planets ‘aligned’ and presented me with an opportunity to play ‘Mr Mum’ for a few days.  Perhaps I should rephrase that to ‘the planets started to wobble on their axis’ and made the ‘Mr Mum’ role play a necessity.  I wont detail the events that led to this but I can tell you that this is an opportunity I’d much rather be without.  But let’s make the most of this he says and write a Mr Mum Diary, putting a humorous bent on the challenges that present themselves over the remainder of the week.  Unfortunately the planets then decided to turn on their axis, collide, and come crashing down.

My Tackle Nappy partner in crime lost his father this morning due to complications associated with cancer treatment.  I’m now lost for words as I can’t possibly do justice to JB in the space of a few paragraphs.  Nothing I write can change things, nothing I write can bring him back, nothing I write can ease the grief his family, my friends, are feeling right now.  These guys have had to deal with way too much grief in recent history.

For now I’ll retire the Mr Mum Diary idea and just enjoy the time I get to spend with my girls.  I’ll make sure I give dad a big hug when he returns from his holiday, just because.

The Percy Beames BarTo JB, right now I’m enjoying a rare weeknight beer, remembering all the good times we had in the MCC Members bars together.  It’s certainly a celebratory beer because the beers we have shared up until now, always have been.

And to those reading this, if you happen to come across two blokes standing with three pots at the MCC’s Bull Ring bar, know that that third beer is in fact the property of the other guy standing beside us.

Rest in Peace JB.


One Response to “The Next Shout is Mine”

  1. Caesar November 3, 2009 at 11:15 am #

    Some good words here bucky. Well written.

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